May 24
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Baby owlets Sarah and Percy have officially left the house! This morning Sarah climbed out of the box and up into the branches above the box.  This afternoon Percy followed and left the house as well. They picked a bad time as a huge thunderstorm came in late this afternoon. The baby owls held on for dear life to their perch on the hickory branches. They survived the storm, but I bet they wish they were back in their cozy box.! They will stay in the trees  all summer strenthening their flight muscles and growing their mature feathers. We will be able to hear them communicate with their parents by hisses and soft screeches. They can fly 10 to 20 feet, but that’s it for now, so ma and pa will keep them fed for quite a while. I should be able to post a photo of the babies up the tree tomorrow, so check in later for that.  Thanks for watching our baby owls this year!

2 Responses to “Sarah and Percy Owlets have left the nest box!”

  1. Julie Z says:

    Thanks for all the postings. It was a treat to watch them grow. Glad they did so well!

  2. Lorrene says:

    I already miss them!!! I follow them from the time they are born so I feel like they are part of my family! It is such a joy to watch. Thank you again for sharing.

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