Sep 02
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Late-summer is a fun time to watch hummingbirds. It is prime migration and my window-mounted hummingbird feeder has been quite popular. The birds are emptying it almost faster than I can keep it filled.

In fact, the hummingbirds are battling over the feeder. They have spent hours chittering at and chasing one another. They perch in the spruce trees to either side of the window almost like they are playing Red Rover or Kick the Can. When one bird approaches the feeder, another will try to chase it away. A third will try to sneak in for a drink, while a fourth dives in to take its place.

I spent a bit of time one evening patiently waiting by my window with my iPhone to get some up-close snapshots. It was a challenge, with all the chasing, for a bird to sit long enough for a photo. Of course, I loved every minute of it.

There was one juvenile male Ruby-throated Hummingbird that I was able to photograph (seen above). He is still growing into his adult plumage. He has some spots on his throat that will eventually turn into a beautiful red gorget. There is also a cute white dot in the middle of his green forehead.

I’m enjoying the hummingbird fun before they have all migrated south for the winter.

What’s happening at your feeders?

4 Responses to “Hummingbird Fun”

  1. Carol says:

    Question…We have loved watching the hummingbirds this year…buzzing around 2 feeders. We have had LOTS since I started making my own solution. (On the advice of our WBU store associate). …Today only one at dusk. Even yesterday we saw many. Is this migration? We live in Indianapolis. Just did not expect them to leave so suddenly!

    • Brian Cunningham says:

      Yes, it is migration time. You may have many hummingbirds one day and few to none the next. This will continue till they have all moved South. Keep your feeders clean, nectar fresh and enjoy them till there is no more activity for at least two weeks. This is usually into October in Indiana.

  2. Melissa says:

    About this same time last year, I saw my first hummer. Ran out, bought a feeder and put it out. Went from one to a dozen within a few days! It was so neat watching them all! They were on the feeders from morning to night… and it was like that up until mid-October.

    This year, I tried all summer to replicate that experience with little success. But last week… I saw a hummer buzz past me so I quickly put out a fresh feeder. We now have at least three! It’s a little hard to tell since they spend more time chasing each other than feeding. But I sure am happy to have them back! And I hope to see more in the next few weeks!!!

  3. Barb says:

    This is my first year as a full-fledge hummingbird watcher. I love watching my songbirds, but there’s something about the hummingbirds that gives me a good giggle. I only have about 3-5 right now but am hoping to attract a few more before they migrate. Purchased a variety feeders from WBU and love them!

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