Mar 02
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Bird feeding activity across the country has been unusually slow this winter. My yard has been slow, too. The overall mild weather, lack of bitter cold snaps and little snow has made the birds seemingly disappear. Take heart! The end is near.

Spring is on its way bringing with it the hope and promise of renewed bird activity. Birds will be migrating through looking for food at your feeders to help refuel from their journey. Others will use feeders as a supplemental energy source as they establish territories, attract mates and raise families. But until then, there are things you can do now to end the doldrums and enjoy birds sooner.

Cater to the locals – Not all the birds have disappeared! Make sure to cater to the local birds that are still making appearances at your feeders however sporadically. I still have regular visits from woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, wrens and cardinals.

Don’t let your feeders sit empty – Make sure to keep food fresh for when birds return.

Try new foods – It’s a great time to try new foods to attract new birds. I’ve had great success with sporadic bluebird visits by offering Bark Butter Bits, mealworms, cylinders with fruit and blends with sunflower chips. I’ve heard of some others that have wonderful success with Bark Butter and mealworms.

Goldfinches are hungry – American Goldfinches have begun their spring molt and are very hungry. Be sure Nyjer is available and keep an open water source as they drink often.

Provide water – The sight and sounds of moving water attracts the greatest variety of birds to your yard.

So, take heart! The end of slow bird feeder activity is near and there are steps you can take to make it “end” a bit sooner in your yard.

Tell us about the activity at your feeders.

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