Apr 19
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Cerulean Warbler Photo by Bill Dyer USFWS

Who in their right mind would be birding in the wee hours of the night?

That is precisely what I am going to do on April 26. I am participating in a Birdathon Big Day with four teammates from the Wild Birds Unlimited Birdathon Team. We’ll jump start our day in the wee hours before sunrise to hopefully find nocturnal birds such as owls, nighthawks and whip-or-wills to add to our day’s tally.

This is the second year Wild Birds Unlimited is fielding a birding team in the local Audubon Society Birdathon. We are competing against 10 other teams on two fronts.

The first is for bragging rights to have found the most bird species possible in a 24-hour period. During last year’s Big Day we hit many road blocks, literally because of localized flooding, finding only 119 bird species. Our goal this year is to top 150 species; which is viable.

The second is the satisfaction that our efforts, through others’ generosity, bring in much-needed funds for bird conservation, research and education projects designated by our local Audubon Society. The projects sponsored by the Amos W. Butler Audubon Society have raised over a half million dollars in the last 25 years. Click here to learn more about the projects.

You can follow our Team’s progress on April 26 by following us on the Wild Birds Unlimited Facebook page at facebook.com/wildbirdsunlimited.

What birds have you heard or tried to find in the dark?

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