Aug 15
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Man, does time fly by or what?!

It’s almost mid-August and summer is waning all around me. It seems like spring migration was in full swing just yesterday.

Now the sights and sounds of late summer are all around. Hummingbirds are thick at feeders and adult goldfinches are being relentlessly harassed by their hungry juveniles. The serenading cicadas and katydids are trading their day and night shifts in earnest and Snowy Tree Crickets are keeping impeccable timing with their buzzing calls. Monarch Butterflies occasionally float by in a southerly direction and shorebirds are again being marked on local birders’ checklists.

While I hate to see summer fading, this is one of the most exciting times to be out in nature, especially since this year’s record hot temperatures have finally subsided to a more bearable level.

Bird populations are at an all-year high. Trees and other plants are laden with fruit, seeds and nuts. Interesting insects and spiders are everywhere. Fields will soon be ablaze with goldenrods and asters.

Migration is just beginning with shorebirds and a few hawks leading the way south. Chimney Swifts are gathering in large communal roosts and Common Nighthawks are joining forces as they prepare to head for South America. Chickadees, titmice and nuthatches are becoming more active at feeders as they start to hide seeds away in preparation for the cold weather to come.

The changes happen quickly and hopefully I have learned my lesson from this past summer. Time does fly by and Mother Nature waits for no one, so I better get outside to enjoy it now before winter sneaks up on me, too.

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